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YES I'm in Russ! I'm ready to take delivery of the strictly limited, life changing Forex Master Method Trading System. I also understand that everything I learn in this system is strictly confidential, and I agree never to share the information with anyone else.

By ordering the Forex Master Method, I agree that:

  • For a limited time only, I can obtain this mega wealth building Forex system and learn how to become a superstar Forex trader for a one-time payment of $750 and save $149. I also have the option of two easy payments of $599 each.
  • If I select the 2-payment option, I agree to make both payments in full and to keep my billing information current.

  • With both the one-time payment and two payment options, the main material is delivered to my door, which will include:

  • - 7 DVDs + 1 Bonus DVD for a total of 8 DVDís, including the two bonuses of the "Trade Locator" and the "Currency Power Meter".

    - A 256 page training manual with a detailed explanation of how the Forex Master Method works, along with charts and graphs to help explain how the system works.

    - 4 Cheat sheets to help me quickly and accurately decide if I should take the trade.

    - Re-printable 30 trade tracker card to help keep track of my progress as I use the Master Method.

    - The 24 hour chart to help me tell at a glance what trading session I am in.

  • I understand that the massive knowledge in my home study course is only half of what's in store for me. My copy of the Forex Master Method contains a secret location to where I can access the other parts of the course which includes:

  • - Access to the War Room member's area

    - Weekly Live Trading Webinars

    - Customer Community Trading Area

    - Technical Analysis Lessons

    - Trading Videos

    - Trading Reports

    - Technical Analysis Tools

    - Proprietary Custom Indicator Software

    - Unlimited support by email, Skype, phone, webinar or other individual preference.

    - My training will start tomorrow with a series of training videos preparing me for the arrival of the course.

  • I have 60 days to review this one of a kind, limited edition Forex Master Method System from my purchase date. I may return it for any reason within those 60 days for a complete refund of my purchase price (not including shipping & handling) as long as I first return the course in like-new, unmarked condition with all components intact.
  • The Forex Master Method is copyrighted intellectual property and I am prohibited by law from copying, distributing or sharing this information with others. The information is just too valuable.
  • If my order is being shipped outside the United States, I am responsible for any customs or duty fees that may arise.
  • I understand that Russ Horn gives his personal promise to "leave no one behind" and will do everything humanly possible to make sure I receive the best training and all the help I need in order to succeed.

  • Surprise Bonuses

  • I have information waiting for you that is simply too valuable to reveal publicly. The very mention, or description of it would spur a stream of imitations. Even better, it's not just one thing. I am determined to make the 750 people and those who take advantage of my offer today and who manage to get a copy of the Master Method, the best traders in the world. I'm going to share everything I have with you, include information that is known only to a small group of trusted people. I'm going to give you the most powerful tools you could ever hope for as a trader, and some you haven't imagined yet. So even by my standard, this package is just incredible - join me today!



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Forex Master Method
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